Classic French Roast
A complex and intense cup of coffee. Full-bodied with an exotic aftertaste of bittersweet chocolate.

Espresso Dolce ®
This blend of classic roasts produces a coffee that is sweet and smooth with a deep chocolate flavor that lingers on the palate.

French Breakfast
A tres bien way to begin your day! This rich and mellow coffee has a slightly smoky aroma and sweet chocolate aftertaste.

Viennese Blend
The blend of dark and medium roasts is a lively and clean coffee with a toasty aroma, full body and a lingering chocolate aftertaste.

Windsor Court Blend
A noble blend of the finest quality, this coffee has a mild, sweet and clean flavor with a hint of sweet walnut.

Medium Roast

Anniversary Blend
This special, full-bodied blend commemorates the founding of PJ’s with a sweet, caramel, aroma and smooth overtones of chocolate.

Carnival Blend
This nutty, balanced aroma of this blend evokes memories of Mardi Gras time, but we enjoy this spicy, medium-bodied brew anytime of the year.

Colombia Supremo
A flavorful, medium-bodied coffee with a sweet, nut-like aroma and a smooth taste that is easy to enjoy every morning.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
With its sweet, fruity aroma and delicate floral notes, this coffee will brighten any day.

Guatemala Antigua
Taste the smoky and spicy tones of this medium-bodied Guatemalan coffee surrounded by a sweet, caramel aroma.

Kenya AA
This large and intense coffee has a fruit-like aroma and full-body surrounded by lingering currant notes.

Sumatra Mandheling
A full-bodied coffee that captures the flavors of the earth, but still possesses sweet, caramel accents.


Nothing is allowed to interfere with the perfect flavor of PJ’s coffee. That is why we use a process that removes as much as 99.5% of the caffeine while preserving more natural flavor than other commonly used processes. 
French Roast
Viennese Blend
Colombia Supremo

Flavored Roast

PJ’s coffee is a year-round tradition. As the seasons change, so do our seasonal flavored coffee selections. Enjoy old favorites and taste new offerings throughout the year. We enhance our medium roast beans with liquid flavorings to create the unique flavors and aromas. Southern Pecan is our most popular selection… look out for other favorites including: 
English Toffee
Southern Pecan
French Vanilla