Toddy Coffee Maker

Brew delicious, lip-smacking, tummy-rubbing iced coffee drinks! With the Toddy Coffee Maker, you can chill-out while you easily cold-brew a coffee concentrate that can be stored in your refrigerator for convenient use. Great for: - Iced Coffees - Iced Cappuccinos - Frappes - Mochas - Iced tea. Here's how we do it at PJ's: PJ’s Famous Iced Coffee 1 lb. PJ’s Viennese Blend Coffee (coarsely ground) & 1 Tsp. Ronald Reginald’s Melipone Vanilla *Iced Coffee Kits available for &63.99 (includes Toddy Maker, PJ's Viennese Blend Coffee & Melipone Vanilla) Insert the rubber stopper in the bottom of the plastic Toddy Maker (underneath, not inside!). Pour one pound of coarsely ground Viennese Blend coffee into large brewing portion of the Toddy Maker. Fill half way with room temperature water, pouring slowly and let stand for five minutes. Next continue to fill with water to the top of the tub making sure you soak all of the grounds. Let steep for 12-18 hours. Remove stopper and let drip into glass carafe. Add 1 Tsp. vanilla to coffee concentrate. Dilute one part concentrate to one part water or to taste. Yields approximately on gallon of mixture. Store refrigerated for up to two weeks. Pour over ice and add one part milk to two parts coffee mixture. Serve and enjoy!