Iced, Frozen & Blended

PJ’s Famous Iced Coffee
PJ’s Famous iced coffees are brewed daily using a special cold-drip process that protects the flavor and strength of the beans while producing a coffee that is 2/3 less acidic. PJ’s has been using this technique for more than 30 years. Most places still make iced coffee by pouring hot coffee over ice, resulting in an inferior beverage. PJ’s cold-drip Viennese Blend with just a splash of Melipone vanilla is paired with milk, served over ice to create this classic favorite made famous in New Orleans. Customize by adding your favorite flavor, such as vanilla.

Iced Mocha
Nice over ice, with rich chocolate syrup blended in.

Iced Latte
Classic latte meets chill – served on ice.

A cold crystalline, frozen coffee beverage, smooth in texture and full of flavor.

Mocha Granita
Rich chocolate added to our famous granita with a spiral of whipped cream and drizzles of more chocolate.

Caramel Granita
A cold and caramel-icious granita topped with whipped cream and a sweet caramel swirl.

Velvet Ice
PJ’s Velvet Ice™ are frosty cold, incredibly smooth and totally addictive. Prepared especially for you, these blended sweet sensations are offered in mocha, vanilla and chai and garnished with whipped cream.